30 Days Training

Machine Learning
Course Name Machine Learning
Course Fees 8000/-Only
Course Duration 30 Days / 60 Hrs.
Course Certification Wingfotech Pvt. Ltd. & Aakaar, IIT Bombay
Level Intermediate Level (Best suited for B.Tech/BE 1st, 2nd & 3rd year all streams

Course Content

Project Covered


Data Science with R

  • Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization
  • R for Data Science
  • Data Mining
  • Data Analysis for Evidence Based Decision Making
  • Industry Applications of Advanced Analytics Models
  • Big Data Analytics with Spark
  • Project Management in Analytics
  • Information to Insight
  • Career Management

Introduction to Machine Learning

  • An Introduction
  • The Regression Algorithms
  • The Classifiers: Bayesian and kNN
  • Tree Based Algorithms
  • SVM and Improving Performance

Random Forest

  • Single Decision Tree
  • Rise of Ensemble Method
  • Practical Exercises in R on Business Case Studies              

General Boosting & Bagging

  • Decision Tree Ensembles: Bagging and Boosting
  • The Case Study: Analysis of Credit Data
  • The Case Study: The Titanic Accident
  • The Case Study: Comparing Algorithms

Support Vector Machines

  • Introduction to the Support Vector Machines

Neural Networks

  • An Introduction
  • The Perceptron learning procedure
  • The back propagation learning procedure
  • Learning feature vectors for words
  • Object recognition with neural nets
  • Optimization: How to make the learning go faster
  • Recurrent neural networks
  • More recurrent neural networks
  • Ways to make neural networks generalize better
  • Combining multiple neural networks to improve generalization
  • Hopfield nets and Boltzmann machines
  • Restricted Boltzmann machines (RBMs)
  • Stacking RBMs to make Deep Belief Nets
  • Deep neural nets with generative pre-training
  • Modeling hierarchical structure with neural nets
  • Recent applications of deep neural nets

Text Mining with R

  • An Introduction to the Text Mining
  • TM Packages in R
  • Regular Expressions
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Topic Modeling
  • Network Analysis
  • Clustering

  • In Machine Learning Training, Students worked on live project from the beganing of the training program.

  • Training With Project Report
  • Certification From Aakaar, IIT Bomaby 
  • Training With Live hand on session 
  • Training With ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certified