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3D Printer

Workshop Overview:

This program on 3D Printing helps the participants understand the design, functioning and operation of a basic 3D Printer. This workshop is designed to enhance the technical understanding of materials used by them in their everyday life. It empowers them to make real world objects from concepts. It is full of fun and something that they can cherish throughout their lives.


Session 1:

  • Introduction to 3D printers
    1. General introduction
    2. Basic and technologies in 3D printers
    3. History of 3D Printing
    4. How does a 3D-printer work?
    5. What are the different types of printers and materials you can use?
    6. Who uses 3D Printing and what for?
    7. What can you print with a 3D-printer?

Session 2:

  • Design for 3D Printing
    1. Hands-on design and print process
    2. Basic CAD software
    3. File sources & formats
    4. Modifying existing designs
    5. Making your own creation

Session 3:

  • Initialize and set up the 3D Printer with basic settings
    1. Printer settings
    2. How to setup a 3D printer
    3. Troubleshooting
    4. Testing and calibration of 3D Printer


Session 1

  • Testing and calibration of 3D Printer
  • Make your own 3D design
  • Evaluate the Prototype and Tips to Improve It
  • A 3D print to take away
  • Advanced Topics, Latest Trends, Tips and Tricks – More hands-on 3D Printing Training

Session 2

  • Competition
  • At the end of the workshop, all participants will get a Certificate of Participation and the best designs will be given a merit certificate .

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