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IOS App Develovment

Workshop Overview:

This 2-day workshop is meant for programmers who want to start developing applications for the iPhone platform. This course will start with the very basics and go on to advanced levels with a strong emphasis on practical learning by the way of examples, demos and lab exercises. This course will cover the various iPhone APIs (media, UI, storage, etc.) that are available with the iOS.

  • Introduction about iPhone & Mac OS
  • iOS Development Environment
  • Objective-C Basic
  • Custom Classes & Object Life Cycle
  • Hello iPhone
  • iPhone Application Basic
  • Building an Application
  • User Interface Programming- Basic
  • Views & Animations
  • Navigation & Scroll View
  • File I/O
  • Web View Locations & Maps
  • Touch Event & Multi Touch
  • Application Deployment
  • Testing

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