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Seismic Design and Structural Dynamics

Workshop Overview:

the branch of science and technology concerned with the conveyance of liquids through pipes and channels, especially as a source of mechanical force or control


Session 1 : Introduction to

  • Relief valves, Un-loader valves and principle, Pressure compensation (constant pressure),
  • Load sensing, Open circuit applications
  • The use and application of accumulators and safety blocks

Session 2 :

  • Causes of pump failure (preventative measures)
  • Health and performance monitoring (testing)
  • Control Valves involving pressure, flow and direction
  • Valve sizing and performance (spool and poppet)
  • Logic cartridge elements and associated circuitry


Session 1:

  • Proportional hydraulics
  • Weight transfer(sprung and unsprung) Load holding and motion control (cylinder and motor applications)
  • Hydraulic motor and cylinder performance
  • Fixed displacement motors
  • Logical troubleshooting techniques
  • Practical hydraulics on full range of electro-hydraulic training rigs
  • Health and safety linked to risk management

Session 2:

  • Model Making

Session 3:

  • Competition
  • Certificate Distribution

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