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Ethical Hacking

Workshop Overview:

The purpose of ethical hacking is to evaluate the security of a network or system's infrastructure. It entails finding and attempting to exploit any vulnerability to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activities are possible.


Session 1 : Introduction To Ethical Hacking

  • Introduction to Internet
  • Introduction to Networking
  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Session 2:Ethical Hacking Start Up Basics

  • Information gathering and Google Hacking (Theory and Practical)
  • Windows Security (Theory and Practical)
  • SQL Injection Attacks (Theory and Practical)

SESSION 3:Further Practical

  • Phishing, Trojan and Viruses.
  • Session hijacking and Cookie grabbing.
  • Social Engineering Attacks.
  • SQL Injection Using DVWA
  • Introduction of SQL
  • What are SQL Injection and DVWA ?
  • Checking SQL Injection Vulnerability(Demo)
  • Basic strategy of SQL Injection (Demo)
  • Getting login credentials SQL Injection (Live Demo)
  • URL and Forms Demo.
  • SQL Query SELECT,DROP etc.(Demo)
  • Using Source Changes to bypass client side validation (Demo).
  • Live Demonstration of the Attacks.(Demo)
  • Using SQL Injection Tools (Demo)
  • How to protect your System to Attacks.


Session 1: DNS & Spoofing

  • DNS Spoofing
  • E-mail Hacking, Forging and Tracing.
  • Fake SMS & Calls
  • Charge/Penalties against Hacking an INDIA

Session 2: Hacking Using Back Track

  • Man-in-the-Middle Attack (MITM Attack)
  • Cross-site-scripting Attack(XSS)

Section 3: Project Implementation And Testing

  • Live Info gathering (Nmap, Maltego etc.)
  • Live active and passive scanning
  • Live DNS Hijacking(DNS Spoofing)
  • Live cache poisoning.
  • Live XSS attack with cookie grabbing
  • Live DVWA and Web-goat for testing
  • Live key-loggers attacks
  • Sending fake E-mails and Email Forging
  • Fake Calls and call Forging
  • Live Website hacking using SQL Injection
  • Live MITM Attack(APR Spoofing)

Session 4:

  • Query
  • Competition
  • Certificate Distribution

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