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fastest line follower

fastest line follower

Workshop Overview:

In this course, you will develop 3 different basic autonomous robots which are guided using sensors. The first robot will be a line follower which is programmed to follow a line. This robot detects the path using infra-red sensors which work on the principle of reflection of light. Using the same sensors, you will also develop robots that can avoid/follow obstacles or light.

Session 1:

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • What is Robot - In Depth Explanation
  • Various Type of Robots
  • Robots Applications in Different Domain
  • Components used in Robotics
  • Future Scope for Robotics

Session 2:

  • How do IR Sensors work?
  • What is a Line Following Robot?
  • How does a Robot follow the line?
  • Test your IR Sensor

Session 3:

  • Working of a Microcontroller
  • Structure of a Microcontroller
  • Development Board Schematic
  • Explaining various components on Development Board

Session 4:

  • How does a Robot move ?
  • Motors and Motor Drivers IC
  • Working of a DC Motor
  • H-Bridge motor Driver/controller interfacing
  • Directional control of the motor

Session 5:

  • Assembling of the Robotics Kits
  • Software Installation

Session 6:

  • Introduction to Embedded C programming languages
  • Line Follower Programming Logic
  • Designing algorithm for line follower robot
  • Write the code for a line follower Robot
  • Flashing the code onto the Robot

Session 7:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Testing of Fastest Line Follower Robot

Session 8:

  • Zonal Competition
  • Testing of Fastest Line Follower Robot

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