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Mobile Robotic

Workshop Overview:

Mobile Robotics is a workshop based on controlling the robot from your cell phone. This workshop aims at students wanting to introduce themselves to the field of robotics & AI and how it is implemented in real life. This workshop will provide the rich hands-on experience to the participants on designing the three different kinds of robots (Manual Robot, Line Follower Robot & Mobile Controlled Robot) in a single workshop.
MOBILE ROBOTICS, a new discipline in the ever growing field of Robotics. These days everyone from the student to the business owner seems to have a cell phone. So why not harness its full potential and prove your engineering minds? Mobile Robotics is a workshop based on controlling the robot from your cell phone.

Session 1:

  • Introduction to Basic Electronics
    1. 1: Electronics Components related to mobile robotics
      2: How Transistors are used in practical Circuit?
      3: How Capacitors are used in Filter circuits?
      4: How can someone choose the value of Resistors and their practical use?
      5: What are Integrated Circuits? Which ICs are commonly used and How?
      6: What are Photo sensors?

Session 2:

  • Introduction to Atmel's ATmega 8/16/32 microcontroller
    1. 1: What is Microcontroller?
      2: Difference between microcontroller and micro processor?
      3: Microcontroller Architecture and interfacing
      4: How can we use a microcontroller in our own circuits?
      5: Microcontroller Programming in 'C'
      6: Writing your First 'C' Program in AVR Studio
      7: Compilation and debugging
      8: Loading Compiled 'C' Program on a Microcontroller using Robosapiens 'AVR
      9: Loader v1.0 Beta'

Session 3:

  • DTMF decoder ICs
    1. 1: What is DTMF?
      2: Interfacing of DTMF ICs
      3: Concept and Algorithms
      4: Testing of a DTMF Circuits

Session 4:

  • Development of a Mobile phone Controlled Robot
    1. 1: Assembling of Mobi-botricks Kit
      2: Programming of Atmega 8 microcontroller for Mobile control Robot
      3: Testing of Final Circuit
      4: Testing of a DTMF Circuits

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