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Satellite Robotics

Satellite Robotics

Workshop Overview:

It’s the time to automate your Robots to control it through Satellite. Inventing thoughts comes up with Sat-Botics a Workshop on Satellite controlled Robots.

Session 1: Basic Electronics

  • Electronics Components related to robotics
  • Basic electronic components
  • Fundamental electrical concepts.
  • Detailed session on Transistors
  • IR LED, Photodiode LED
  • Sensors used in Robotics
  • Interfacing of sensors

Session 2: Introduction to AVR Microcontroller

  • AVR Microcontroller Architecture and interfacing
  • How can we use a microcontroller in our own circuits?
  • Microcontroller Programming in Embedded language
  • Microcontroller Programming in Embedded language
  • Writing Programs for Line Follower, Edge Avoider and Cell Phone Controlled Robot
  • Writing Program for Light Searching Robot
  • On screen Debugging Programs (Step by Step)
  • Compilation (Step by Step)
  • Flashing Compiled Embedded Program on a Microcontroller

Session 3: GPS interfacing

  • Working of GPS
  • GPS format description
  • Interfacing of GPS with microcontroller
  • Test run of robot.
  • Troubleshooting

Session 4:

  • Development of Satellite controlled Robot
  • How to show longitude and latitude on screen
  • How to decode the data received from GPS
  • Movement of robot from one location to another
  • Further advancement which can be done in robot
  • Making and testing of satellite controlled robot

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