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Software Design

Workshop Overview:

our software training will give you an insight of CATIA / Solid Works

Session 1:

  • Part Design
  • Introduction to Sketcher
  • Creation of basic sketches
  • Sketch Tools
  • Operating the basic profile to get desired 2D sketch
  • Analyzing the degrees of Freedom of sketch
  • Sketch based features
  • Pads, pockets, revolved features and sweeped features
  • Dress up features

Session 2:

  • Introduction to assembly design
  • Importing existing parts at their respective positions
  • Positioning the parts at their respective positions
  • Defining the assembly constraints
  • Saving assembly into the database using save management

Session 3:

  • Introduction to generative Drafting
  • Frame, title block and view generation
  • Saving a drawing documents and its links
  • Adding section views and cuts for detail information
  • Annotations, texts and different tools to improve the view
  • Level 4: Generative Shape Design (Surfacing)

Session 4:

  • Wireframe creation to create skeleton for surfaces
  • Creation of basic surfaces
  • Extrusion, revolving, offsets and multi section profiles
  • Surface operation
  • Relimiting tools like split and trim
  • Fillets to meet the design requirements
  • Assemble, relimit and connect the surfaces

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