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SUMO Robots

SUMO Robots

Workshop Overview:

By doing this course , student will understand the basic building blocks of a sumo bots. With hands-on exercises, they will learn about DC motors, switches, wireless Communication ,batteries and other components inside wireless controlled sumo bot . Robot-sumo is a sport in which two robots attempt to push each other out of a circle. The robots used in this competition are called SumoBots Robot Sumo game is popular in many countries, inlcuding Singapore (Singapore Robotic Games) and Japan.

Session 1:

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • What is Robot - In Depth Explanation
  • Various Type of Robots
  • Robots Applications in Different Domain
  • Components used in Robotics
  • Accelerometer
  • Future Scope for Robotics

Session 2:

  • Basic Electronics
  • How does RF Communication work?
  • Various Type of Robots
  • Structural Design using metal or plastic sheet .
  • Fix the motors to the clamps
  • Chassis Assembly
  • Sensors used
  • Interfacing of Sensors

Session 3:

  • RF module Schematic
  • Explaining various components on the RF module

Session 4:

  • H-Bridge motor Driver/controller interfacing
  • Directional control of the motor
  • Working of a DC Motor

Session 5:

  • Connection of Switch to RF Transmitter.
  • Connection of motor driver to RF Receiver

Session 6:

  • Actuation: Customizing Robots for applications.
  • Motor Connections with motor driver IC.
  • How to control a Wireless sumoBots

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