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Workshop Overview:

Phase 1: Theoretical Session

  • Design, Fabricate and Test your own Tricopter
  • Concepts of Aeromodelling and Aerospace Engineering
  • Realization of Flight Electronics
  • RC Aircraft Design Procedure
  • Explore to the art of Fabrication
  • Hands-on experience to Modern day manufacturing Techniques
  • Learn how to fly RC Aircraft professionally

Phase 2: Design Session

  • Fundamentals of Rotor Dynamics.
  • Various components of a Tricopter.
  • Stability and Control of a Tricopter.
  • Introduction to Tricopter Design.
  • Basics of PID tuning.
  • Introduction to Electronics and Sensor calibration.

Phase 3: Software Evaluation

  • Explore how to do a setup for Autopilot and upload firmware.
  • Systematic procedure of electronics setup (ESC, Receiver and Sensor calibration)

Phase 4: Virtual Flight Training

  • Professional Flight lessons from TechEagle Pilots
  • Experience the thrill of flying an RC Tricopter in a Flight Simulator
  • Flight tips from licensed pilots of Wingfotech

Phase 5: Fabrication Session

  • Learn best manufacturing techniques by experienced Mentors.
  • Hands-on experience of assembling a Tricopter.
  • Electronics Integration and Hardware setup.
  • Making your RC Tricopter RTF (Ready to Fly) - Weight Balance, Pre Flight Checks.

Phase 6: Flying Session

Experience the fun of your RC-TriCopter Flight

  • Get an FPV video of your TriCopter
  • Safety Precaution while conducting Flying Session
  • Pre-flight Checks and In-flight tips from the Licensed Pilots

Topics Covered

  • Understanding rotary-wing aircraft and their Dynamics
  • Learning about different components in a Tricopter
  • Introduction on autopilot and GPS systems
  • Understanding the concepts of Embedded Systems behind Multicopters

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