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Workshop Overview:

VLSI is the technology used in the fabrication of IC (integrated circuits)


Session 1 :

  • Introduction - 7-Series Architecture
  • Overview and Vivado Design Flow
  • Creating an HDL Design
  • Use Vivado IDE to create a simple HDL design.
  • Simulate the design using the XSIM HDL simulator available in Vivado design suite.

Session 2:

  • Information gathering and Google Hacking (Theory and PracticalGenerate the bit stream and verify in hardware.
  • Xilinx Design Constraints

Session 3:

  • Xilinx Design Constraints.
  • Create a project with I/O Planning type, enter pin locations, and export it to the rtl.
  • Create the timing constraints and perform the timing analysis.
  • IP Integrator and Embedded System Design Flow

Sessionc 4

  • Create a Processor System using IP Integrator
  • Create a simple ARM Cortex-A9 based processor
  • Design targeting the Zed Board using IP Integrator.


Session 1:

  • Introduction to High-Level Synthesis with Vivado HLS
  • Improving Performance and Resource Utilization)
  • Creating an Accelerator

Session 2:

  • Creating a Processor System using Accelerator
  • Profile an application performing a function both in software and hardware.
  • Create an accelerator in Vivado HLS.
  • Use the generated accelerator to build a complete system.
  • Introduction to Partial Reconfiguration (PR)
  • Introduction to Vivado for PR Designs

Session 3:

  • Introduction to Partial Reconfiguration Design Flow
  • Use Vivado with Partial Reconfiguration (PR) capability enabled to synthesize HDL models and implement the design.

Session 4:

  • competition
  • Certificate Distribution

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