Mercedes Engine Analysis & Automechanics

Mercedes Engine Analysis & Automechanics
Course Name Mercedes Engine Analysis & Automechanics
Course Fees 9000/-Only
Course Duration 45 Days / 90 Hrs.
Course Certification Wingfotech Pvt. Ltd. & Aakaar, IIT Bombay
Level Intermediate Level (Best suited for B.Tech/BE 1st, 2nd & 3rd year all streams

Course Content

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Mercedes Engine Analysis & Automechanics


More powerful, more economical and cleaner—the new modular family of engines from Mercedes-Benz offers the right powertrain for every vehicle.
Mercedes Benz is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world which was founded about ninety-one years ago.


· Introduction to Mercedes-Benz

· Disassembly

· Service/Maintenance

· Electrical

· Basic Diagnostic Strategies

· Telematics

· Brakes and Traction

· Suspension

· Engine Management Systems

· Climate Control

· Career Development

  1. Automotive Diagnostics

This course offers an in-depth look at the various faults that can occur in an automobile. This course also includes step by step approaches to fault detection and solution with the help of on-board diagnostic tool.

  1.   Undercarriage

A specialized course that details the kinematics of an automobile and how a good suspension setup can change the way a vehicle behaves. Also includes setting up suspension according to the terrain it runs on, stress and load, steering and even basic metallurgy thrown in.






  1.  Air-conditioning

This course deals with design, diagnosis and repair of automotive air-conditioning. It also explains the principles behind climate control, engine load balancing, and climate control for varied external atmospheric conditions.


Using the latest Engine Management Systems, you’ll diagnose and repair all types of  engine technologies including, turbo charging, direct high pressure fuel injection, and Valvetronic.


Learn the MERCEDES technical information system (TIS), and MERCEDES diagnosis and information systems used in today’s dealer and service centers.


Learn MERCEDES-approved procedures to service charging and starting systems, vehicle battery and electronic systems.

  1. MERCEDES Body Styling & Customization

Automotive styling is the art of vehicle design in terms of design and modification. Within the mass produced automobile world, there exist certain fringe trends that demonstrate the current maturity of the design of an automobile. These design cues usually get clubbed under styling and customization. From the early eras of custom automobiles, designer cars, design studios and numerous other case studies in contemporary design, this course introduces students to the fascinating world of custom automobiles.

  1. MERCEDES Performance Enhancement

An advanced perspective on basic engine performance, this course is for those who like to stretch it to the limit. It uses the important cause and effect methodology for getting the message across to the student.





  1. Automotive Pit-stop

This course offers real world practical training with all the thrill of working in a race car team as part of a pit stop crew. This course also teaches techniques used by the best to the tune of a stopwatch, in the form of time trials of various system checks, operations and maintenance done on a competition car.

10. Vehicle Dynamics

This study involves, vehicle load distribution, acceleration and braking, brake force distribution, braking efficiency and braking distance.

11.MERCEDES Engine Overhauling



In this Training students can work on libe engine of Mercedes

  • Training With Project Report
  • Certification From Aakaar, IIT Bomaby 
  • Training With Live hand on session 
  • Training With ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certified